Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Break

Spring 2012 snuck up on us pretty quickly, I can't believe Owen is 15 months old already. He is officially a walking boy, it started about a month ago. Now all he wants to do is walk and explore. It's nice that he is so independent, but it makes car-seat and stroller commutes really hard for me since he HATES being strapped down. He hasn't been sleeping as well lately, and has also gotten a bit clingy in the last month or so, and I think whining would have to be his number one form of communication. Can't wait for that phase to be over!
Well this spring break was eventful for us. Jack got to be home every night after work. It was his last break before he graduates in October, and it went by way too fast. I really like having the 3 of us together every night for dinner and Jack being home to help with the bed time routine is so nice because by that time, I am pretty much done fighting with babies! I have Sophie 4-5 days a week now so some days can get pretty exhausting. We have been spending a lot of time up in Auburn with Gin and doing things with her and her boys. The kids don't interact too much, but it's still fun to get them all together.
What was really crazy about this past week is our car was stolen right out of our parking lot! It was our Honda so not the new Toyota Corolla we got about a month ago. Luckily, we didn't even know it was gone before the cops were knocking on our door at 1 a.m. to tell us they had found it. Also what was lucky is nothing was done to it or stolen from it, except the jerk jammed the ignition with a screw driver so we need to replace that. The guy was arrested and hopefully will be in jail for a long time. It honestly baffles me that stuff like this really happens. We were definitely lucky to have gotten our car back with little to no problems, but since the ignition is jammed, Jack can't drive it to and from work. We are back to borrowing Letty's car until it gets fixed. It makes me so mad how inconsiderate and indecent people really can be. That guy probably doesn't know we are a young struggling family and that car is the one that provided the transportation for a a hard working guy to get to work to support his family. I guess even if he did know he probably wouldn't care. Obviously I am still a little heated about it haha.
Despite all of that, we still managed to have a wonderful weekend. On Friday, I put together a little Easter egg hunt for Owen and Sophie. I am holding off on giving Owen candy for as long as I possibly can, so I filled plastic eggs with Multi-Grain Cheerios and whole wheat graham cracker sticks. They had a lot of fun busting them open and getting cheerios all over my house!
Saturday morning, Jack and I loaded up Owen and took him to McBean Park in Lincoln for the egg hunt put on by the Lions Club (Jacks parents are members). They must have just cut the grass the day before because there were loose blades everywhere, and to make matters worse, the lawn was wet. Owen didn't like it very much haha. He dropped down to get an egg and once he felt the grass he wouldn't move or let anything else touch it. So that was the end of that. Afterwards, we tried to get a picture with the Easter bunny, but Owen  would not have it. At first he seemed interested like he is when he sees a dog or a cat. But once we got close he fought against me pretty hard. It was the first time he ever showed fear.
Poor Jack, he had to share his birthday with Easter this year=(. In an attempt to make Jack feel extra special this year, I gathered some of our closest friends together on Saturday afternoon for a surprise lunch at Old Town Pizza (that place is such a staple in our lives). I am very proud I was able to keep it a secret from him all week, he usually blows it every time he tries to surprise me. After lunch, Ricky and Angela came back to our house and we all got to hang out and play games.
On Sunday, we headed over to Aunt Theresa's for a family Easter dinner and another egg hunt. Owen did better that time with the eggs, but once he got one he wanted to just sit and play with it, so Jack and I assisted a lot in the finding.
I'm sad the week had to end and Jack has to go back to his busy schedule of full time work and school, but it's only 6 more months to go! Summer is right around the corner, so I am sure time will fly by=D

Owen and Sophies egg hunt

We see a lot of this face lately. Obviously not stoked about his Easter basket haha

Love this kid!

Owen took a ride with his cousins Ollie and Max

While we were singing happy birthday to Jack. Owen really liked it, much more than he did on his own birthday!

Seriously how old is my kid?! He looks way older than 1!

Owen and Max

Owen has a new found love for the slide

Saturday, March 31, 2012


Alright, I lied in our 4 month update post. I have a ton of great pictures from my camera we didn't get to share while our computer was out of commission. Here are some I want to remember!
I love how it kind of looks like he is giving a kissy face here. In his penguin hat!

Owen loves Mommy's tofu

Giving kisses to his rudolph from Great Grandma and Grandpa Squier

Playing with this book shelf is a big "no no" and I am still constantly battling him to stop doing it. But he looks so cute and happy when he is being mischievous!

I stuck a comb in his back pocket this day haha

The beginning of Owens lovey, DoDo

With Sophie, the little girl I nanny. This is how they used to hug, now she really wraps her arms around him and kisses his cheeks!

All three of us on Thanksgiving

Owens first Thanksgiving dinner

Putting up the Christmas tree at Mom and Dads

Monday, March 26, 2012


This past weekend, we took a trip up to Reno to visit friends and family. It was so fun and nice to get to see everyone we miss so much. On Friday night, Jack got to go out with friends while Owen and I spent the night at Ashley's, where we said good-bye to our foster puppy, Carly. Ashley adopted her, and it was bitter sweet letting her go. Saturday, Ashley, Owen and I all went up to Ashley's moms work to have lunch so she could see Owen. Then, Owen and I went over to Justin and Taushas to visit with them. I left Owen there to go pick up Jack from hanging out with his friends, and Ronnie and Kelsey came over to Justin and Taushas to have dinner with us. It was the first time my brothers and I got to get all of our kids together since July, but Jordan wasn't born then. And now we know we are expecting another addition to our family in November, Kelsey and Ronnies second little bundle! All the kids had so much fun playing together, but it was a pretty hectic evening haha. After dinner, Owen and Jack went to Uncle Tony's house to stay while I got to go out with my friends. It was really nice being able to catch up with people dear to me that I haven't seen in such a long time. Sunday, we went out to breakfast with Jeff and Megan and got to see the warehouse they are renting and turning in to a practice studio/welding and wood working shop. Then we headed over to Kates for a quick visit before driving home. It was a great weekend, a little exhausting as we always have so many people we want to see and things we want to do when we are there. Hopefully we can start making trips a little more often!

How cute is this little girl?!

Adelynn loves her cousin=D

Us siblings and all our glory

My sister in law, loves her!

Doing women's work

Uncle Jack and baby Jordan

All the cousins

Us girls and all our glory
Waking up Aunt Ashley


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

4 month update

Wow it's been a really long time since I have been able to post an update! Right after Halloween, our computer crapped out on us and we weren't able to afford a new one until now (gotta love tax season). I have missed so many big milestones to update about, like Owens first Thanksgiving & Christmas, his first steps, family visits and goodbyes... so much has happened in the last 4 months! Jack is still at his job as a legal assistant, and still in school at night, and I still nanny Sophie. Owen has grown so much and finally started walking a couple weeks ago. He doesn't do it all the time, since he can get around quicker when crawling, but he is doing it! He doesn't say much yet, just "hi!" "yes" and "ya". Sometimes I swear it sounds like he is saying "I did it" and "All done" but who knows!
A couple weeks ago we had so say good-bye to Chrissy, Dave, Alyssa and Nathan, which was a real bummer. We miss them so much and can't wait until we can afford a trip to visit them, and the rest of the family on the east coast.
We welcomed another member to our quickly growing family, our nephew Jordan Willis (he was named after some friends my brother and sister in law lost in Iraq while my brother was there 2009-2010) was born in January, and we got to meet him recently when Tausha and Jake came down from Reno for a visit.
Owens first Thanksgiving and Christmas were wonderful! A little exhausting because we had so much family to visit, but I would much rather have it that way than no family to spend the holidays with! Owen is surrounded by such a large and loving family and I am so happy he gets to have that.
His first birthday was a hit! We had it at Old Town Pizza in Lincoln, which was a real lesson for us haha. It's probably not a good idea to have a baby's birthday at a restaurant, all Owen wanted to was crawl around, and he wasn't happy most of the time. A lot of screaming, but what's a 1st birthday without a lot of screaming? I am so happy so many friends and family were able to join us, and he got so many neat presents. Jack and I definitely got a taste of what it is going to be like having our child's birthday so close to a holiday, with only a week between it's kind of difficult to organize all the new gear! But we made do, and we are adamant about celebrating both occasions as if they are months apart.
I think that is it for now, and we plan on updating a lot more often now that we have the means to do so. Love to all!
I don't have many pictures that I haven't already shared on our Facebook, so I figured I would just share a few from the last two picture sessions we have had. Some by our family friend Brendi, some by our cousin Chelsea, all equal in awesomeness!
Our friend Brendi took these pictures and they turned out so great! These were done at the same place Jack and I were married in Lincoln at the Boatman's house. She also took some of the whole "Wursten" family, but Letty was in Israel for them so I will wait to post them until she is in them too.

I really really love him=D

These pictures are by Jacks cousin Chelsea. She also did our family pictures back in September, she is so talented! These were taken in Old Newcastle.

Top o' the mornin to ya!

He got his first splinter from crawling along the tracks=(

Owen with Eve, Chelseas daughter.